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Cosmetic Dentures with 100% Satisfaction

Partial or complete dentures can be an excellent way to improve your quality of life if missing teeth cause you difficulty with chewing food or speaking, or if you are embarrassed by the appearance of your smile. The health and function of your mouth is essential to your enjoyment of life.

Many dental offices offer dentures. I would like to tell you about the advantages of the dentures that are offered at Mount Olive Family Dentistry.

Special Dentures Offer

If you have an existing partial or complete denture that you are not satisfied with, your first consult is free. Please bring your old denture or partial to this first visit. Offer covers consult only, and excludes any x-rays that may be needed.* (Not eligible for all insurance providers.)

We Listen

What ever your concerns are, be assured we will take the time to listen to you. Patients have many different concerns when they are considering replacement of teeth. These concerns range from needing a partial as soon as possible, needing a different price point to accommodate their budget, or wanting the highest quality denture possible. We are able to meet a patient’s need, no matter what their concerns are.

Value Options

We have different price points. We can provide lower cost options to help relieve the embarrassment of having missing front teeth. Often times, a patient will choose to get a lower cost denture which gives time to save up for a higher quality denture.

Denture Repair and Reline

Often times a tooth will break off your existing denture or partial. Other times a clasp (also called “hook”) will need to be adjusted. Relines are also basic maintenance procedures that we are happy to complete. If a denture or partial can be adjusted, repaired, or relined, this will mean a big cost savings to you instead of having to pay for a new denture or partial. Our office has an in-house lab and we are able to perform many of these repairs the same day while you wait.

Our Dentures and Partials Fit

Our dentures fit. Many patients have dentures or partials that simply do not fit. They are loose, cause pain, and do not work. Our dentures and partials will provide you with a comfortable fit. At our office, we take dentures and partials seriously. We have seen how many of our patients can benefit from a correctly made appliance and love to see the smiles on patients after they get a comfortable partial or denture that actually works.

If you have difficulty eating and speaking due to missing teeth or have an old denture or partial that does not function how you would like. We can provide very high quality options. Many of our patients say, “ I wish I had come to you first.”

In-Office Extractions

We do extractions in our office. If you need to have teeth removed, we can do this right in our office, saving you the time, extra cost, and hassle of needing to go to different offices.

Only One Dentist

Only one dentist means more personal service.

Many times you will go to a dental office and see different dentists at each visit. This can create a lot of confusion and frustration because different doctors are managing different steps in the process of making your denture. Our office has ONE DENTIST. You will see Dr. Amy Kimes at each and every visit. Dr. Kimes is a general dentist who is a “Fellow” in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) she has been recognized by other general dentists as a leader and exemplifies to other dentists the importance of quality continuing dental education. To earn the FAGD, a dentist must complete a minimum of 500 continuing dental education credit hours and pass a comprehensive exam. Dr. Kimes has been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry for over 10 years. Her extra training gives her the ability to give you more options.

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We Take Care of Insurance Claims

We do all the insurance work. Many offices who provide dentures in our area will not file dental insurance on your behalf. This means you need to be the insurance expert. Our office has two people dedicated to filing and getting paid for your insurance claims. We are always to happy to help you with your dental insurance and take payment directly from your dental insurance provider. This saves you time and makes it easier to afford a high quality denture.

What is a Denture?

Dentures, also known as false teeth, are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth, and which are supported the gums and/or remaining teeth. Conventional dentures are removable, however there are many different denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants. At Mount Olive Family Dentistry we have many options to replace missing teeth with dentures.

What is a Partial Denture?

If you are missing a single front tooth, or only have a few teeth left, removable partial dentures can be an easy way to restore the look and function of your mouth. Often partials are much less expensive then using crowns, bridges, and implants to replace lost teeth. Almost any configuration of missing teeth can be replaced by a partial denture. The procedure is often as simple as just taking an impression of your upper and lower teeth!

We offer several types of partial dentures at Mount Olive Family Dentistry.

Single tooth partial (“flipper”) If you are missing a single missing tooth and do not want the expense of an implant or fixed bridge, a single tooth partial can be a very cost effective way to replace the tooth.

Flexible (Valplast) partials have clasps that are almost invisible! This is a great esthetic option for people who do not want to have any metal showing in their smile.

cast metal partial is a more durable partial with a custom fabricated metal framework supporting the false teeth. Tooth-colored clasps are available to avoid the show of metal in your smile as well.

What are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are made if all of the teeth in an arch are missing. Our procedure involves a minimum of four office appointments so that we can custom fit your new teeth so you have optimum function for chewing and speaking, and that you like the look of your new smile. You will have the opportunity to try your teeth and make sure you are happy before your final dentures are made.

What are some other options for dentures?

“Immediate Dentures”

Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth and give you your denture on the same day so that you do not have to go without teeth. When this is the case, Dr. Kimes will plan your treatment carefully to make sure your denture will continue fit well as your mouth heals after extractions.

Implant Supported Dentures

If you have difficulty eating with your dentures or find your dentures do not stay in very well, you may benefit from having implants. Implants placed in the bone under the denture can allow attachments to be placed in the denture that will firmly attach your dentures to your gums. This can make eating, speaking, and smiling much more comfortable.

At Mount Olive Family Dentistry your concerns and unique situation will be carefully considered. We can make a plan to help you transition from a condition of painful and infected teeth, embarrassing smiles, and difficulty eating to good dental health and function! Give us a call at (919) 658-9511 and let’s get started!

*Note: Medicare and Medicaid insurance patients are not eligible for a free consultation.

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