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Dental Health Month: Mount Olive celebrates by offering educational presentations to schools in Mount Olive

February is National Dental Health Month

Mount Olive Family Dentistry - Dental Health Month

At Mount Olive Dentistry we take pride in promoting good dental health habits. We make sure and go the extra step in educating our patients and families in Mount Olive and neighboring cities on proper dental hygiene. In an on going effort to educate our community, we go to kids class rooms and educate schools in Mount Olive and Goldsboro area. Preventing cavities and promoting healthy teeth starts at a young age.

Here are some important rules to ensure your child’s teeth are properly taken care of and they grow up with good dental habits.

  • It is critically important to limit the amount of sweet drinks and snacks for your children. Promote healthy diets to your children. Purchase tooth paste with fluoride and remember to schedule dental check ups every 6 months. Whether it’s your child’s first day of school, building social relationships, going in for that first interview or taking family photos. We want your child to look their best and have good oral health.
  • Before a child turns one they should have broken the habit of drinking from a sippy cup and should be drinking from a regular cup. Avoid putting babies to sleep with a bottle. Don’t introduce juices or drinks high in sugars to a baby as this can cause tooth decay or cavities. Before your child’s first tooth erupts or before your child is six months, establish a dental provider.
  • Observe the way your child brushes their teeth. For the most part children seven and under lack the proper hand coordination to properly floss and brush their teeth. Take the time to properly show your children how to take care of their teeth.
  • Remember to set an example for your young ones. After all your children look up to you.

For more information on scheduling an educational dental presentation for your child’s school call our office 919-658-9511.