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Stressed Out in Goldsboro?

Did you know that about 20% of adults grind their teeth or clench to the point of causing permanent tooth and jaw damage? Teeth grinding can be a sign of too much stress, TMJ disorder, or some other underlying condition. We sometimes see patients who come in to assess the cause of their teeth grinding. As a dentist in your Goldsboro area, there are some things you can do to protect your teeth before you even come to my dental office in Mount Olive:

  • Chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) can result in fracturing, loosening or loss of teeth. Recognize the early symptoms, and be aware of any worn or chipped teeth, ear aches, sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures, or jaw pain. If you have these symptoms there is a strong possibility that you are grinding or clenching your teeth.
  • Find ways to alleviate your stress if it is causing you to clench your jaw. Take time to engage in practices or exercise to relieve stress. You can also relax your jaw muscles by holding a warm washcloth against your cheek.
  • Do not chew on pencils/pens or anything that isn’t food. Avoid chewing gum too.
  • Cut back on caffeine. Cutting back on coffee, colas and energy drinks sometimes alleviates the symptoms.
  • Avoid alcohol. Grinding tends to get worse with alcohol consumption.
  • Come in to our dental office for help. Come in and talk to us about getting a night mouth guard.

If you find that your teeth grinding is causing you pain or damaging your teeth, then call my Mount Olive dental office (919) 658-9511 to schedule an appointment today.