Our Office Is Open. New Office Protocols in Place for COVID-19

Yes We See Goldsboro Patients

Dear Goldsboro residents: Next time you’re looking for a dentist for you, your children, give us a call. Let us show you how different our dental practice is from others. Besides, the drive from Goldsboro to our dental office is only an easy 15-20 minute drive. Here are some things we’re proud of:

Our Dentist

Great dental care starts with our people. Our dentist Amy Kimes, and our staff are great. Our staff are all really hard workers, and very motivated. Our clinical staff members are all seasoned veterans. The hygienist doesn’t hurt you while cleaning your teeth, we’re good about keeping you comfortable. We’re here to help you in the best way possible.

Dental Emergency

We see patients almost immediately. If you have a toothache or have been injured in the mouth or surrounding area, we are the only call you want to make. Any and all urgent care or dental emergencies, that’s where we shine. We’ll ask you to come in right away if you’re in pain. We  have 6 operatories at the office, and there is almost always some way to work another person in to have an X-ray to determine what the problem is. By the time you walk in and get your paperwork filled out, we are ready with a sterilized room for the exam.

Insurance Coverage

We accept a lot of different insurance coverage for dental treatments, and work hard to expand the list of providers each year. We have meticulous notes on the breakdown of costs for each dental procedure foe each insurance company. So, when you ask us about how much your insurance will cover, we can give you an accurate answer.

We also file insurance claims on the same day the procedure is done, so your claim is paid faster. We understand what X-rays, chart notes and supplementary documentation is required for every kind of claim. So we send out the right information the first time around, and there won’t be any going confusion or post communication needed from you later to resolve billing issues.